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Terry G – Free Madness (Freestyle) [Lyrics]


Terry G - Free Madness (Freestyle) [Lyrics]


Terry G – Free Madness (Freestyle) [Lyrics]

Testing microphone eeeh
Terry G testing microphone eeh
oya start to joli e e o lord ehh

The way she dey wine up her waist
Dey make me dey craze dey go eeh
Make me dey want to they wangolo
wangolo wangolo ehh ehhh
Oya wine eh wine eh wine eh
oya wine eh eh o way
Oya make u dey walagolo eh walangolo eh
o way
omoge je kin sangolo je kin sangolo
je kin sangolo o way
sunmo mi jekin sangolo je kin sangolo
O lord ehh, chei the way she dey wine up
her waist chai
make terry g to dey craze
make me to embrace her waist
to dey start to dey grab i dey want to
misbehave chaii aii i don craze
omo no dey force because i don dey haiz
Tile salangolo make my brain to dey want
to dey skimpololo chai aii
me i no be mallam spicey
me i no dey stop from the fourth bar over
me i dey do even na hala even na
koloba even na style i go drop am
chai i go make them to dey high
make them to dey want to dey feel as say i high
but still me i dey drop my rhymes i dey make
them to dey wanyangolo
chai oya tile walangolo eh walangolo eh eh o way
oya tile kolomala eh kolomala eh eh o way
The people wey get this beat eh
omo dem dey for outside ehh
Me i dey drop the freestyle ehh
To test microphone eh
am testing microphone testing microphone
testing microphone na o way
testing microphone na testing microphone
terry g dey call me terry the swagger swagger
and they look me like a maga
because me i dey drop my ganjah
even if i no dey my stagger, my swagger e still
stand say i dey smoke paraga
eh see i dey freestyle so watch my rhyme
because i dey freestyle
omo me i dey come i dey catch my rhyme
on top say me am am intellectual
i interact ya brief i brief motherfucka
still yet dat one dey make me dey drop my rhyme
That one make am say i make sure say
i can do anyhow ehh look at me like a motherfucka ahh ama show u love
ama show you show you what am like
when am shayo wella ama show you
wen i do what i do wena do wat i do jaaaaa
ama show you what am like when i do when i do
am gettin so high on the marijuana
liquor liquor liquor hennessy am drinking
hennessey like sipping hennessey
me i no dey see see enemies
enemies come get fucking sees
omo fire gunback them down to the seas
hennessey ah chi chi chi chi hennessey ahh
chi chi chi chi
free me now chi chi chi chi
alam gbana cham cha
free me aba lapa chap chap buck up
beck rum bick rum rum rum free me now
free me now lemme mayangolo lemme
mayangolo lemme Mayangolo eh
shay make i stop shay make i stop say make i stop. ehh na ms be the ginger d ginger
and na me be d swagger the swagger ehh
na me be the loma loma the person wey be say they drink e paraga anoye u dey give me paraga
wey be say i dey do my freestyle
enemies dey want me to dey rhyme but they
say the fact say i stubborn like madman
ama madman mad man like ginger ginger
ginger intellectual ganjah but still me corporate
me i get myself but still me me i drop my swagger
the beat is about to finish eeeh
but still i dey test microphone ehh
everybody anybody put your hands up in d air
when i say free me u say right now
free me now free me now free me now say o way
o way free me now free me now free me now say
o way oway alanta alanta alanta aha aaaahaaaaa
free me right now ginger ginger
aka swagger swagger free me!!!!!!


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